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Proven Active Lifestyle Massage Oil

The Massage Oil for Men with active lifestyles.

Massage can be done for various reasons and has many types. Different oils are suitable for different kinds of massage. Massage has immense therapeutic value. To get maximum benefit from a massage the most suitable oil should be chosen for that purpose.

DIEM Duroil Massage Oil is a premium massage oil with Ylang-ylang. Perfect for massage as it offers superior glide and nourishes the skin. It is excellent at reducing friction between the hands and skin offering superior slip during massage.

In addition, many believe that aroma-therapy helps defuse mental and emotional stress, through the enjoyment of beautiful and natural scents.

Modern day ailments like stress can cause the following symptoms:

Fatigue, faintness, pain, loss of energy, the feeling of anguish, insomnia, irritability, and the feeling of a nervous breakdown.

DIEM Duroil Massage Oil is a great massage oil to help you achieve a more active life. It can help you relax and overcome stress. Integrate DIEM Duroil Massage Oil and self-massage, as part of your daily active lifestyle routine.

  • Pure Natural Oils
  • Keeps skin hydrated and smooth for longer periods.
  • Moisturises skin
  • Moderate density. Not light and not heavy.
  • Low Viscosity. Easy to apply, flows smoothly and is non sticky.
  • Does not dry skin after use

List of Ingredients:

Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Bitter Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosa Hip Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Ylang-ylang essential oil.

It also contains: Vitamin E and Ascorbic Acid.

DIEM Duroil Massage Oil is a proven massage oil that provides superior slip during massage. The synergy of natural oils and botanicals effectively soften and conditions the skin.

Directions For Use

1. For Stress relief – Relaxing Body Massage.

Massage DIEM Duroil Massage Oil gently onto the affected area and leave to dry.

This offers a unique way of relieving stress, massage combined with DIEM Oil applied at the right acupunture / acupressure points can relieve even the most stressed.

Combine the use of DIEM Duroil Massage Oil , DIEM Active Lifestyle Cream and DIEM Active Boxers and get maximum benefit for your active lifestyle!

2. For an Active Lifestyle, Sports and Contact Sports

Use the massage oil before and after sports or contact sports activity. Apply and massage on the skin and leave to dry.

The massage oil can be used as part of an active and sporting lifestyle. Today, many of us get involved with active contact sports like Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Capoeira, and Muay Thai (Thai Kick Boxing). We recommend the use of DIEM Oil prior to activity as well as after active sports or contact sports.

The sweet Ylang-ylang smell has the additional effect of relaxing you. Ylang-ylang gives a sensual, heady and sweet scent, further enhancing the pleasure of the massage experience.

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